República Checa - Czech Republic.

República Checa - Czech Republic.
República Checa - Praga sob a neve. / Czech Republic - Prague under snow. / République Tchèque - Prague sous la neige.

sexta-feira, 4 de março de 2011


1 - SYDNEY FESTIVAL – (Late January – every year )
The three-week-long Sydney Festival, which takes place every January, is the premier cultural event in the city. Showcasing the finest dance, arts and music performers, it is one of the most prestigious festivals in Australia.
2 – AUSTRALIA DAY – ( January, 26th, Nationwide )
Australia Day has evolved from event with lots of political undertones to a day that Australians all over the world celebrate their country and people. While formal ceremonies still take place, the day is more about partying and having a good time than anything else.
3 – MARDI GRAS - ( March, Sydney ).
Although this annual festival begins in February every year, the highlight is undoubtedly the outlandish parade through Sydney´s city centre on the final day of the festival in March. It might be cheesy, and it might be tacky, but it is still not to be missed.
4 – ANZAC DAY – ( April, 25th, Australia and New Zealand ).
Every year on April 25th both countries commemorate the landing of Anzac troops at Gallipoli in 1915 where thousands of soldiers lost their lives. Even though it is a very somber occasion, you can enjoy the game of “Two Up”, a game played in pubs all over both countries for the entire day.
5 – KAIKOURA SEAFEST (October, Kaikoura, New Zealand).
Held on the first Saturday of every October, this is an annual celebration of the ocean and everything in it. Held at the Takanhanga Domain on the Esplanade, it is primarily a food and drink festival but you can expect much more as it is a sight and sound extravaganza.

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