República Checa - Czech Republic.

República Checa - Czech Republic.
República Checa - Praga sob a neve. / Czech Republic - Prague under snow. / République Tchèque - Prague sous la neige.

sexta-feira, 4 de março de 2011


1 -  Visa.
Regardless of whether you intend to work on your travels or not, you will need to get your hands on the relevant visa before arriving, so find out what type of visa you require right well ahead of your departure date. In Fiji and New Zealand holiday visas are issued on arrival but for Australia you will need to organize your visa in advance. In the case of all three, work visas must be obtained before entry into the country.

2 - Travel Insurance.
While it might sound like an obvious thing to take into consideration, organizing insurance is something else which must be done before you leave home. Also bear in mind that travel insurance covers a multitude of areas so you will need to shop around for a policy that best suits your needs.

3 - Flights.
Lots of people visiting Australia and New Zealand do so on a RTW (Round-the-world) ticket which is valid for one year from the date you depart your home country. If you are flexible about flights, however, you can buy a one-way flight ticket to either country and book your home flight when you are there. This means that instead of your entire trip lasting one year, you can spend one full year in Australia or New Zealand and spend much or little time as you like in other destinations on your way home.

4 - Prepare Your CV.
Ensure that you also have an updated CV/Resumé prepared before traveling. There is nothing worse than preparing it on a dodgy PC in an internet café at AUS$ 5,00 an hour. Save it to a disk memory/pen drive/ memory stick and just in case, e-mail a copy to yourself so you have access to it anytime.

5 - E-mail Document Copies to Yourself.
A final tip before you leave for your trip is photocopy all your important documents, scan them and e-mail copies to yourself. This includes flight information, insurance policies, travelers’ cheques, visas, passports, etc. That wayyou have access to them at anytime and simply logging into your e-mail account.

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