República Checa - Czech Republic.

República Checa - Czech Republic.
República Checa - Praga sob a neve. / Czech Republic - Prague under snow. / République Tchèque - Prague sous la neige.

sexta-feira, 25 de dezembro de 2015

CANOA QUEBRADA - Ceará - Brazil

At Sun light or moon light, Canoa is all yours.
Canoa Quebrada is abeautiful landscape made by nature, the most appropriate definition for this destination is a place that pleases everyone, from Cearenses, who are used to the sun and beaches, to the tourists who came from all over the world to intimately feel the Canoa´s energy. A land that has a lot to offer: a green ocean coast, cliffs and dunes, an exciting nightlife and a mistery that has been hypnotizing  thousands of tourists for a long time. It makes Canoa Quebrada their frequent or sometimes even permanent stay. After all it is a land that is good for the mind, body and soul for those who visit it.
Besides the Moon and the Star, Canoa Quebrada has another symbol: Happines. Besides the  beauties that nature took care of creating, Canoa Quebrada also offers the visitors an exciting nightlife. Canoa has great bars, nightclubs, restaurants with the best regional and international culinary styles. Broadway, the main street of Canoa is set as gathering place for people from all over the world. A night enlightened by the stars and moon – symbols of the village – with so much romance and happiness.
Come to Canoa Quebrada! Everything here was done to welcome you. Canoa Quebrada is always with open arms to welcome people that want to visit it. There are hotels, resorts, bed and breakfast, restaurants and a whole infrastructure built to serve well the tourists. Also, if you have already been to Canoa Quebrada before, feel free to come back here again over and over. Finally, there are always new places to visit, new beauties to see and, certainly, new emotions to feel.
The history of Canoa Quebrada.
Just like another paradise, Canoa Quebrada was also discovered by accident. In 1650, the Portuguese Sailor Francisco Ayres da Cunha had his ship damaged and ended up stranded on the Canoa Quebrada Coast. Arriving at the coast, the Portuguese donated his ruined ship to Master Sebastião who as a fisherman of the region at that time, only knew of boats such as barges, rafts and canoes. Then Master Sebastião  went to repair the boat along with the fishermen saying “Vamos quebrar a Canoa” (Let´s brake the canoe), having no idea that they were naming one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil. Since then, adventurers, nature lovers and tourists in general, do not stop going to the land of Master Sebastião wishing to discover more of the mysticism that surrounds the colored sands and cliffs of its beaches.
General Information Press
CEARÁ – Sebrae and ASDECQ (Associação dos Empreendedores de Canoa Quebrada)
Phone Number: + 55 88 – 3421-7323
Canoa Quebrada – Aracati – CE – Brazil.
Pictures by: Jefferson Coelho – Jefferson World Trip – Cheif Editor. 

Caverna Pub. Broadway Avenue.
A great place to sit, chill and enjoy the best beer in the village.
Refugio Canoa Quebrada
A nice place to stay in Canoa Querada.
Here are some pictures from Refugio Canoa Quebrada.
General View - Main Entrance
Comfortable apartments with pool view
 The breakfast área.
Refugio Canoa Quebrada
Address: Rua 04 Ventos, S/N - Canoa Quebrada -
Aracati - CE - Brazil - Cep (zip code) 62.800-000
Phone Number + 55 88 3421-7430

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