República Checa - Czech Republic.

República Checa - Czech Republic.
República Checa - Praga sob a neve. / Czech Republic - Prague under snow. / République Tchèque - Prague sous la neige.

segunda-feira, 27 de setembro de 2010

AURINKOMATKAT - The Best Tour Operator in Finland.

The Finnish outbound Tour Operator Aurinkomatkat - Suntours, TOI's ( Tour Operators Initiative ) member since July 2000, provides packaged tours and offers leisure resorts, sightseeing and sport tours.
In 2009 nearly 327.000 tourists travelled with Aurinkomatkat in destinations in Europe, Southeast Asia, North Africa, Middle East, Central and South America and Caribbean.

Aurinkomatkat  Suntours owns neither accommodation facilities nor transport companies, therefore one of the main focuses of its sustainable tourism program aims at improving the environmental performance of its contract partners and operates in the very difficult field of the external environmental management.

One of the biggest concerns of Aurinkomatkat Suntours is nothing less than total satisfaction of their clients. Aurinkomatkat has special agreements to offer their clients the best options for hotels, restaurants, local optional tours, the best hotel treatment and exclusive assistance travel service spoken in Finnish, highly trained and attentive tour leaders and staff that will do anything possible to make your stay amazing!

Check out now some of the press release of Aurinkomatkat travel adds here:

For further information go to Aurinkomatkat website:

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