República Checa - Czech Republic.

República Checa - Czech Republic.
República Checa - Praga sob a neve. / Czech Republic - Prague under snow. / République Tchèque - Prague sous la neige.

terça-feira, 7 de setembro de 2010


Toronto Bay
You cannot miss Toronto if you really want to discover the essence of Canada. I was wondering what elements make this city unique and attractive... But soon I understood  you don't need to think, you just need to feel.  If you feel it, you will fall in love with the hometown of Canada and don't want to go home.

Toronto at night
I believe green is the color of heaven, which means Toronto is a heaven for mortal existence. If you want to take some fresh air, simply go to High Park, the largest green land downtown which is  located in Toronto's west end,  around Bloor Street -  West -  in the North with   The Queensway -  in the south and from Park Side Drive - in the East to Ellis Avenue in the West again. If you are interesting in Shakespeare, humanism or art, you should come in summers for CanStage's Dream. For downtown tour, Casa Loma, CN Tower, Medieval Times, Royal Ontario Museum are the must experienced places.

Landscapes pictures are not the only beauty you should gain from a tour in Toronto.  For sure you don't want to miss shopping. For luxuries, you'd better go to Bloor-Yorkville. Queen Street West is the best choice if you are searching something "in".  Toronto Eaton Centre, Square One, Vaughan Mills, Woodbine Centre, Cookstown Manufacturer's Outlet Mall, and there are several options to choose from. That would be a long list to cover all this. So, go to Toronto and discover it by yourself. Good Luck!

Eaton Centre

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