República Checa - Czech Republic.

República Checa - Czech Republic.
República Checa - Praga sob a neve. / Czech Republic - Prague under snow. / République Tchèque - Prague sous la neige.

domingo, 19 de setembro de 2010


Travel Insurance is designed to cover you for unexpected emergencies that occur in the course of an adventurous holiday. Travel Insurance generally doesn't cover you for certain things:

1. Medical conditions that exist before you travel.
Cost incurred due to the condition are not covered, you can still take out travel insurance for other purposes (robbery, sports, injury, etc).

2. Deliberately putting your life in danger.
Travel Insurance will not cover you if you put yourself in extreme situations where survival is unlikely or injury is highly likely. Chasing polar bears while drunk will not be covered!!!

3. Claims involving alcohol or drugs.
Insurance companies use this as often as possible in order to not pay a claim, from their point of view - when drunk you take extra risks, you're not in control - keep to sensible levels and look after your valuables before a night out.

4. HIV or other STD's.
Not covered - so safe sex as always is important.

5. Illegal Activities.
If you're involved in an activity that is illegal, the insurance company will not cover you.

Good Luck and I wish you a Wonderful Trip!

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  1. Hi,

    Nice picture, the above rules regarding travel are most welcome. People should insured them before going for visit an unknown place because due to change of weather and climate may be they face health problem. Thanks a lot.

    Annual Holiday Insurance

  2. Dear Travel Protecta,
    Thank You very much for your comment.
    I really appreciate that. Well,I have worked for several years with passengers from all over the world and I´ve also been to several exotic and unknown destinations, and I do not recommend going anywhere without a good International Travel Insurance. Of course there are many other aspects and factors to be considered when we want to get an insurance. These are just quick and general tips about it.
    Thank you once again!
    Jefferson Coelho.


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